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We Thought You'd Like to Know

Wine Diamonds,Not Sediment

A few patrons have approached us with questions about “wine diamonds” or “bitartrate crystals” in their wines.  Rest assured, this isn't sediment!  Rarely, in our high-end wines (Classic Select and above) crystals appear after aging in the bottle.  These are harmless, tasteless and actually, an indication of high quality.

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NEVER worry about fruit flies again!

Try this FOOL-PROOF fruit fly trap method - it REALLY works!

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A Fool-Proof Fruit Fly Eliminator!

Thanks to Ken S., a Shoppe patron for this fantastic tip!

It's so simple, and it was right under our noses all along....

To trap and eliminate fruit flies, simply follow these two steps:

Place about 3ozs of red or white wine in a small dish (even vinegar will do)
& then
Add 2-3 drops of dish soap

And that's it! 

Fruit flies land on the wine and drown within seconds....really!