A well-designed, beautiful label identifying the type of wine you have made gives just the perfect finishing touch to a perfect bottle of wine. We have hundreds of different label style to choose. The difficulty is choosing which one!

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A colour shrink top chosen to match to your wine bottle label sets your bottles of wine apart from the ordinary, adding that professional final touch.

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Our Facility

Everything at the Wine Shoppe on Park is here to make your wine making experience an enjoyable and rewarding one!

Our new facility is clean, bright and spacious with a great view of Weller and Park Streets, adjacent to one of the oldest and most prestigious areas of Peterborough.

Our equipment is quiet and easy to use and is demonstrated patiently.

We have automatic, quiet-running bottle filling machines.

We have automatic pneumatic corking machines.

We have user friendly shrink cap machines and label moisteners and ultra-removable peel and stick labels.

We have hundreds of different label designs and dozens of different coloured shrink caps to choose from (always included in the cost of your batch).

We have a decorating area built right into each bottling station and allow ample time for you to apply the finishing touches to your bottles of wine.

Our Computer System keeps track of the wines you make and any changes to the "recipe" used for your wine. We have many custom recipes in our database.We have an easy to use booking system for our customers to arrange their bottling appointment online, and also are happy to book an appointment for them, if they prefer to give us a phone call.

We assist you every step of the way!

"Craft Winemaking"