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    Pinot Grigio - Ontario
    Wine made by You at the Wine Shoppe
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    A dry wine with overtones of green melon leading to a crisp, clean finish. A bouquet of honey and herbs combined with aromas of clove, nutmeg and butterscotch from the (optional) addition of oak, completes the experience of this perennially favourite white.

    Ontario Pinot Grigios are characteristically lively with a lingering finish due to ample hours of sunshine throughout the seasons. The Pinot Grigio grape grown in Ontario is typically an early ripening grape (an evolution of the Pinot Noir grape), allowing for the longer development of delicate
    floral and honey-like characteristics. Pinot Grigio grapes are often harvested earlier to retain the fresh acidity, giving the wine its fresher and lighter style. Ontario Pinot Grigios are usually described as “vibrant”, pale straw in colour and dry. This grape varietal can be best enjoyed in warmer weather as a refreshing beverage.

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