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    Cabernet / Shiraz
    Wine made by You at the Wine Shoppe
    Batch includes wine, labels, corks, shrink caps and all fees and taxes.



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    This blend marries the firm flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon with spicy Shiraz, creating a lush, full red wine, nicely rounded with oak.

    Cabernet Sauvignon:
    With a hint of oak that contributes to spicy notes and luscious tannins, this well rounded Cabernet has a bouquet teeming with stone fruit and tobacco. Cherries and ripe black currants will arouse your senses finishing with rich elderberry and plum notes.

    This deep ruby red wine is well balanced with lively aromas of black pepper, plums and toasted oak. Full-bodied in structure, it is robustly built with chewy tannins,and streaks of chocolate leading up to an elegant finish.

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